Patient Information

What Makes SoulCare Physical Therapy Different?

At SoulCare Physical Therapy you are always with your physical therapist for the entire length of your appointment. The setting is quiet and relaxed and you are never rushed through the session.  Our approach uses a completely different model than traditional practice. We do not subscribe to protocols such as frequency of 2 to 3 times a week for 6 weeks. SoulCare’s nontraditional approach permits us to treat the whole person – not just their symptoms. Most patients are seen once a week and reach their goals in a few sessions.  We tailor your plan of care based on a thorough evaluation of the whole body and are constantly reassessing your response to treatment. The SoulCare approach is particularly suitable for people who have long-standing pain, stiffness, troublesome injuries, postural problems, and who are motivated to make positive changes in their lives. We specialize in clients who are frustrated with traditional medicine and who are willing to be active participants in their health. Because it is so specialized and individualized your body responds quickly and your healing takes place faster.

In the woman’s health field SoulCare’s approach is truly one of a kind.  Through blending, myofascial principles with the knowledge of anatomy and movement Barbara has created a truly unique holistic approach to healing the body after birth and surgeries as well as supporting you during pregnancy and menopause.

The initial visit is 75 to 90 minutes. All other visits are typically 60 minutes. 

Payment Information

Payment is expected at the time of treatment. For your convenience cash, check or credit cards are accepted.
Call for an appointment or with any questions/concerns (203) 292-5800 or (203) 418-7880