Typically, we review your medical history, current symptoms, concerns, and goals for treatment.  We then do a full body assessment, looking for “restrictions” of motion and patterns in your body.  Your entire session will be done in a comfortable, private room.  The treatment is hands-on, skin-to-skin with a light but firm touch that engages the fascial layers, restrictions, and areas of dehydration. You will be provided with a home program right away so you can continue making progress before your next session.

Myofascial Release is best done skin to skin. For this reason we ask that you wear a tank top or sports bra and loose shorts for women and a pair of loose shorts for men. If you are comfortable you can just be in your bra and underwear as well. While being treated you will be covered by a sheet and/or blanket.

The first visit is 90 minutes so that we have time to do an evaluation and full treatment. After the first visit ,typically sessions are 60 minutes however we also offer 90 minute sessions by request.

We strive at SoulCare to get you better as quickly as possible.. As every person is unique,even if you have the same diagnosis, the number of sessions will vary. We believe in the wisdom of the body meaning your body has what it needs to heal itself Our treatments help you to remember this and help your body guide itself to wellness and freedom from pain. Most clients will come an average of 6 sessions, some only need one or two sessions to feel better. After our initial session we will have a better understanding of your body and be able to give you a better understanding of how long you will need sessions.

At SoulCare we typically have a patient see the same therapist throughout their time with us. Having said this it can sometimes be helpful to have another therapist see you as well. We are all trained in the John Barnes Method of Myofascial Release yet each therapist is unique and often a second set of eyes and hands can be very therapeutic.

We are out of network with all insurance companies. This means that you will need to pay for your visit when you come in and have your insurance company reimburse you for physical therapy.  We will provide you with a superbill that you submit to your insurance company. Depending on your out of network coverage you may or may not be reimbursed,

Our office does not take Medicare. We are unable to see patients with Medicare insurance for physical therapy, even if you would like to pay out of pocket  This is a federal law. We can see you for wellness services which means we can not provide you with a superbill and you can not submit the treatment to your insurance company as a claim.

We accept cash, check, credit card and HAS OR FSA

Yes in the state of CT we have direct access. This means we can see you without a prescription from your doctor. We will see you for 6 visits and at that time we will ask your MD to  provide us with a prescription if you continue to require care. We will ask you to see the appropriate provider if we feel it is necessary before the 6 visits.

We provide you with what is called a superbill. It has all of the information required for your claim to be processed. SoulCare does not process any claims. You will submit the bill to your insurance company on your own.

We ask that you call your insurance company prior to your first visit and ask these questions

  1. Do I have out of network physical therapy benefits ?
  2. Do I need prior authorization and if so ask for the number for the provider to contact ?
  3. What is my out of network deductible ?
  4. Have I met any of my deductible ?
  5. What will be covered once the deductible is met ?
  6. How many visit a year do I get for PT ?

It is very important that if your insurance company requires prior authorization that you contact the office and let us know so we can do the paperwork needed for the visit to be covered.