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Why Teleheath?

Now more than ever it is important for us to have choices in our healthcare. As a result of the onset of COVID-19  and the need for social distancing the concept of getting our healthcare remotely has come center stage. Telehealth is not new, it has been opening and revealing many new possibilities such as access to doctors in remote areas of the world and collaboration of health care providers globally. Telehealth was created because we needed to provide healthcare to people when we could not physically be in the same room. The idea of connecting when physical connection is not possible.

How can Telehealth help in Physical Therapy?

Pain and mobility issues don’t take a pause. Back, neck, hip, shoulder, ankle, pelvic pain are all still present. Women’s health does not take a break. Maybe you are pregnant and having low back pain. Maybe you  just gave birth and could use a visit or two to instruct in pelvic floor exercise or strategies for pain relief and postures to decrease strain on your back from lifting or carrying the baby. Perhaps you have urinary incontinence and need suggestions for how to help. If you have had a recent surgery or injury and need the guidance of a physical therapist to recover.

What happens in a Telehealth session?

In a telehealth session, we will first and foremost listen to your symptoms and get a full understanding of what is going on. We will then go through a series of mobility and movement assessment and provide you with individualized exercise and movement strategies as well as breathing and stress reducing techniques. Instruction in what to do and what to avoid to help you recover. We will work with you on a program designed for you to meet all your needs. Recommendations and resources for self care at home will be discussed because this is extremely beneficial.

Do I ever need an in person visit?

Of course in person visits are needed.This is not to say that there is no longer a need for a physical visit to your provider. This is just an alternative when a physical visit is not an option such as now that we are asked to practice social distancing, or perhaps if you are traveling, have daycare issues, can’t leave your home for what could be many reasons.  There is no need to wait days, weeks or maybe months to get into the office, telehealth has opened a whole new door.  

So please there is no need to suffer at home. Contact us at SoulCare Physical Therapy, above all we are here to help as always with all your health and wellness needs. Stay save and be well.

Barbara Franzino, MAPT

In my never ending endeavor to understand the wisdom of the human body, movement and health I have developed a method of treatment that assists the body’s natural healing process. I have studied for over 20 years under many great teachers and my treatment method combines manual therapy, myofascial release and mindful movement to rid the body of pain and restore motion.

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